Feddet Strand Resort is close to exiting sights and attractions.

Adventures within 30 km

Here you will find a selection of the most popular adventures within a range of 10 – 30 km from Feddet. Stop by our information and let us help and guide you to adventures that are just right for you. Be sure also to check our suggestions for adventures within a range of 31 – 60 km and 61 – 100 km

Stevns Klint & Højerup Gl. Kirke

Visit Højeruplund at beautiful Stevns and find a row of exiting experiences in a unique nature. The abandonned Højerup Old Church hovers over the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stevns Klint, where you can clearly see the black stribes of fish clay, proving the mass extinctions of the dinosaurs 66 millions years ago. Range from Feddet: 30 km.


Get yourselves a hilarious holiday experience at BonBonLand. The amusement park includes more than 50 rides for both young and old. Wild rides, water rides, air rides, turning rides, upside down rides, fun rides for the little ones and rides for the entire family. Expect lots of adventure, excitement and fun for everyone, when you visit BonBonLand. Range from Feddet: 28 km

Faxe Limestone Quarry / Geological Museum

Journey back in time, 63 million years, to when a deep sea covered Denmark and a vast coral reef grew, where Faxe is today. Sharks and crocodiles lived here, together with more than 500 other types of animals. At the Geological Museum in Faxe, you can see the fossils from the animals and get the story of more than 900 years of limestone quarrying from the old coral reef. You can also go fossil hunting in Faxe Quarry yourselves and find your own 63 million year old fossils. Range from Feddet: 10 km.

Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure offers exciting challenges for all children. No matter whether you have a 3-year-old toddler or a wild teenager, our courses will both challenge them and provide them with a huge experience. At Camp Adventure, we have made sure, that everyone can join in and that all will have a wonderful day. The different courses ensures both playful adventures and challenging obstacles. Range from Feddet: 21 km.

Vordingborg Borgruin og Gåsetårnet

The oldest and most important castle ruins in Denmark, originating from the Middle Ages. Build by Valdemar Atterdag 1362 – 65. Danmarks Borgcenter is a research- and adventure center. The storytelling is based on current scientific research and actual knowledge of the Danish monarchy and power structure of the Middle Ages. Currently, new knowledge literally pops out from the mud of the moat. We expect that the findings will give us new information of the castle’s history and maybe add a chapter or two to what we already know. Range from Feddet: 30 km.

Thorvaldsens Samlinger Nysø

During the last six years of his life, from 1838 – 1844, the world famous Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen often stayed at the manor house Nysø in the south of Zealand. Here, he worked on a row of his last works. It is still possible to see several of them at Nysø, where one of the manor house wings holds a small museum for Thorvaldsen, emphasizing work from his time here. Range from Feddet: 13 km.

H. C. Andersens Verden

H.C. Andersens Verden offers activities, that stimulates the senses and where visitors participate in creating the good experience. The park is open from 11.00 am – 3.00 pm. This year, we play all new shows. In between the shows, the entire family is entertained with storytelling, animals, playground, adventure room, looking boxes, exhibitions, music and café. Range from Feddet: 21 km.

Blåbæk Vandmølle

Blåbæk Watermill is located by the Faxe stream, which rises from the Manor house Lystrup and flows into the Faxe bay. There has been a mill on this location since 1664, and the present buildings originates from in between 1800 and 1838. In the immediate vicinity stands a windmill, built as a helping mill to the watermill. The watermill is still in full operation. Range from Feddet: 10 km.

Rønnebæksholm Kunst- og Kulturcenter

Rønnebæksholm Art and Cultural Center holds a variety of changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The manor house as served as a home for the Danish psalm writer N.F.S. Grundtvig, and his arbour “Venligheden” (the Kindness) is still accessible in the park, which also contains a large and beautiful manor garden. Range from Feddet: 29 km.

Vemmetofte Kloster

Historical manor house surrounded by moats. The park is open to the public. Range from Feddet: 15 km.

Gisselfeld Kloster

The convent of Gisselfeld is for everyone who loves great adventures. No matter whether the park is in bloom and the sun is shining, or the snow lies as a thick blanket, covering the landscape, there is always something to look forward to. The place has its own well-established traditions such as the Classic Motor Show and the Christmas Fair, but Gisselfeld is lovely all year round and new activities continues to evolve. Range from Feddet: 20 km.


The rhythmic sound venue in Vordingborg. Stars presents more than 100 concerts a year within all rhythmical genres, rock, pop, jazz, electronica, folk, hip hop, world etc. Range from Feddet: 30 km.

Sydsjællands Golfklub

Sydsjællands Golfklub Mogenstrup is one of the most beautiful 18 holes golf courses in Denmark. A club, with a very strong environmental profile. The club also offers a 6 holes par 3 course, open to all. The clubhouse holds all facilities, such as a well-assorted pro shop, secretariat and a restaurant with a fantastic view of the course. Range from Feddet: 23 km.

Rønnede Golfklub

Green-fee players are welcome at Rønnede Golf Club. Range from Feddet: 15 km.

Jungshoved Kirke

Jungshoved Church has a rare and beautiful location, close to the castle bank of the former Jungshoved Castle and near the shores of the small cove Stavreby Nor. Range from Feddet: 20 km.

Kalvehave Labyrintpark

“A challenge for children and adults – legs and brain”; Thus sounds our slogan, and this is precisely what it is all about, when you visit us. Labyrinths are a challenge for all ages. Who knows, if adults are better at navigating in a labyrinth, than children are. Range from Feddet: 30 km.

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